Vani Educational Academy
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Vani Educational Academy ,Jaggayyapet : Since 1997

If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart

Vani Educational Academy is a non governmental organization striving for the social & economic empowerment of down trodden and neglected poor people of the community. Since 1997 its priority target group is persons with disability, HIV/AIDS and woman. This organization has received many awards from Government and others also. These organization members were nominated in Government committees like Jaggayyapet Ground Water Conservation Mission, Mandal Education Committee etc. The organization working with the following Mission & Vision.

Our vision is a community where equal opportunities, protection of rights and creation of a positive environment for the full participation of Women, the Persons With Disabilities, HIV/AIDS and the weaker sections in all the fields of social life.

To bring that vision into reality, we provide them with all the necessary facilities like meaningful education and training to enable them to develop themselves as individuals capable of meeting the challenges of life.

Vani Educational Academy is providing various services to the poor and neglected community.

From 14 years working in 75 villages in 3 mandals of Jaggayyapet constituency
As on date 1560 nos. were trained in various trades.